Welcome to Analytes


Analytes Ltd. is an experienced provider of a wide range of sample products to life science and pharmaceutical companies. Our company specialise in human serum, plasma and other matrices which are used in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic kits.

Analytes Ltd. was founded in 2007 when realising the need by diagnostic researchers and manufacturers for proper quality human samples in their development projects. Our samples are freshly collected, resourced and processed according international standards, and are available in large volumes too. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified methods and processes ensure that buyers maintain consistency in their test runs, and measurements can be repeated.

Our company has professional clinical chemistry and immunoassay background. As well as we have excellent cooperation with the best local hospitals and laboratories.

Analytes Ltd. is therefore well positioned to fulfil routine and custom sample requests and our laboratory professionals are available to process special and unique orders.